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About Nuzoo

Nuzoo is a content aggregation platform that curates news, content, articles, events and analysis from all over the world and places it in one single place for you to access and consume. We built it at Purechannels to be a single, central, trusted source of great indirect, channel, ecosystem and partnership content.

We find and share content from dozens of trust sources and creators, then collate it all in one place for you. We also have a number of trusted partners who we believe create some of the best content around, and we collect all this together here at Nuzoo for your convenience.

We have carefully selected the best media publications and publishers of compelling channel, ecosystem and partnerships content, along with a few of our favourite partners, thought leaders and influencers, to ensure the best possible content is always easily available to you.

We also curate an automated summary email at the end of the week which showcases the best content we have available, and if you subscribe, we will send that to you every Friday. It’s that simple.

See details of our partners below, subscribe by simply clicking the tab on the right and leaving your email address, and then just enjoy great news and content brought to you by Nuzoo.

We Partner With:

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